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                                          ShenZhen Selen Science&Technology Co.,Ltd

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                                          Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology Co., Ltd, is recognized as a leading ˇ°System Solutions Providerˇ± in static contamination control & Cleanroom technology industry in China. For the company's main business: finished product- manufacturing and distribution of complete line of ESD & Cleanroom Consumables; Engineering- cleanroom project design, construction, maintenance; Service- Cleanroom Laundry Service.

                                          SELEN introduced scientific management model, and built up efficient Operating System integrated with R&D, production, sales, and logistics. The company is committed to establish ˇ°Push-Pullˇ± Supply Chain System within SELEN, procurement, and end-users, with shared information flow, logistics, and capital flow.

                                          SELEN has 2 production & logistics bases in Suzhou and Shenzhen, and more than 30 sales branches covering Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Bay region. Specially, we set up good business partnership widely in the most developed electronic countries and districts: Southern East Asia, South America, Europe, and USA.

                                          SELEN has a number of patents and research results, like ˇ°Organic polymer materialsˇ±, Anti-static clean room equipments and consumption goods, which get recognition and praise from Domestic and Foreign customers. More than 4000 companies trust our products which cover a wide industry filed like IT, Electronic, Bio-technology, Pharmacy, Precise Instruments, Aerospace, Automobile, Petrol, and so on.

                                          SELEN is agents of a lot of international famous brands: Bemcot, WTR finger cots, Safeskin gloves, Milliken Wipers, 3M products, Kimberly-Clark.

                                          SELEN is committed to the following:
                                          &©|61548; Continuing the company Ideals of "Creat saftey Cleanroom with Full Passion",
                                          &©|61548; advocating the core values "pragmatic, serious, dedicated, innovative",
                                          &©|61548; Insuring total customer satisfaction
                                          &©|61548; providing quality product and service
                                          &©|61548; Providing a friendly, courteous atmosphere for customers, shareholders and employees alike

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                                          Company: ShenZhen Selen Science&Technology Co.,Ltd
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                                          Homepage: http://www.szselen.com

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